Wellness in the workplace is extremely important. For example, in the Netherlands alone an average of 1 in 4 employees are showing symptoms of burnout and other health issues related to work stress. And Ireland are not far behind.

Having an effective wellness strategy for you company is now paramount in order to promote work-life balance and stress reduction. Having services like wellness days, stress management workshops and on-site massage services can significantly help to reduce stress, increase productivity and promote work satisfaction. 

How it works

The client will be seated in a specially designed massage chair that fully supports their body. They will receive a massage through the clothes using a mixture of techniques including trigger points, tuina, and classical massage. Typically one appointment lasts 20 minutes and the massage focuses on common areas of tension including the neck and shoulders. For office workers and others who are exposed to repetitive movements of the hand I also like to include the arms and hands working with common trigger points to help relieve RSI symptoms. 


Massage preformed over the clothes

No oil is needed

Set up is fast

My Experience

I have worked for years in the corporate wellness industry in Ireland. I have worked with large global companies, educational institutions as well as local and small business. I offered on-site massage services, organised wellness days and facilitated workshops including stress-reduction techniques and self massage. 

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